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The Bo Short is a summer essential. As easily paired with a button down top for a more formal look or a casual tee shirt for everyday wear.  

A light green drawstring short made with sustainably-grown French linen and washed with biodegradable softeners.


  • Made with 100% sustainably-grown French linen and dyed with organic, GOTS-certified pigments.
  • Washed with biodegradable enzymes so the fabric is soft from first wear.

Alex Crane

Alex Crane makes breezy clothes. They choose fabrics, colors and fits that make us feel cool and light. 

Breeze is a spirit - it’s a reminder to jump in the ocean and watch the clouds and hum a tune. Because life is worth enjoying (even when it’s sad or painful or boring). And, for better or worse, clothes have a big impact on how we feel. 

That spirit extends to the production practices as well - Alex Crane knows they are only as breezy as their supply chain. They are committed to making products that are good for the earth and the people involved. 

The fabric

Linen is breezy. It’s natural (made from flax) and literally keeps you cool: it’s heat-regulating, antimicrobial, doesn’t hold odor and dries super fast. It’s also stain-resistant, stronger than cotton, and gets softer with wear.

Linen is sustainable. Flax needs only sun and rain to grow (no irrigation or fertilizer). It actually improves the land: 1 hectare absorbs almost 4 tonnes of CO2 per year and adds nutrients back into the soil. Once harvested, the fiber is processed without chemicals or excess water. And, if dyed naturally, linen is 100% biodegradable. 

Linen is rare. For all its benefits, linen accounts for only 1% of global apparel production. And that’s not great news for the environment: most clothes (65%) are made with synthetic fibers derived from fossil fuels and 80% end up in landfills or incinerators. So, the more clothes made from linen (and other natural fibers) the lower the industry’s carbon footprint.

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